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Good Omens Resolutions

A Drabble Community

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Good Omens Resolutions

A Drabble Community

For Christmastime 2005, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett released the New Year's Resolutions of one Mister Anthony J. Crowley and one Aziraphale. This is a community of weekly drabbles based on these resolutions. As we are still in the beginning stages, we'll have a weekly challenge for each resolution, similar to go100. After we've run through all of them, it'll be a free-for-all community where anybody can post drabbles of whatever length they wish, about whichever resolution they want.

1. Please lj-cut posts containing drabbles more than 100 words, or more than 2 drabbles with 100 words.

2. Outside the lj-cut (if any), please include this format, in any order:

Resolution: (please specify Crowley or Aziraphale, and which one)
Teams: (if any)

3. Teams are:
-Crowley & Aziraphale
-Hastur & Ligur
-The Them
-Madame Tracy & Sergeant Shadwell
-The Horsepersons
-Heaven (Metatron, The Host, other angels, Him, etc.)
-Hell (Lucifer, Beelzebub, etc.)

4. IMPORTANT! In the interest of ensuring your hard work towards 100-word drabbles is acknowledged, there is also a general challenge/competition, where each 100-word drabble written for a resolution earns that resolution a point. I think this would be interesting in terms of keeping a running tally of the most inspiring resolutions, and so that people don't have to wait to post that lovely drabble about resolution number 7 of Crowley's.

5. Please put the title in the subject line.

6. Points will be totalled on Monday morning.

Unfamiliar with the resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions of Anthony J. Crowley
Resolution #1: I must accept that Super-Gluing valuable coins to the sidewalk and then watching events from a nearby café is not proper demonic activity.

Resolution #2: The same applies to rearranging the letters on wayside pulpits.

Resolution #3: Try to come up with something as good as cell phone ringtones, following one last stab at convincing Downstairs that cell phone ringtones are right up there in the whole Human Misery stakes. And iPods. Has anybody Down There even said thank you for iPods? Or "Googling yourself?" Frankly, I deserve some kind of award for "Googling yourself."

Resolution #4: I must encourage greedy people to use the term, "Low-hanging fruit," because that's just like old times.

Resolution #5: This year, I will get a desk near the window.

Resolution #6: I will try to understand why Hell is a no-smoking area. I just think it's ridiculous having to stand around outside the gates, that's all.

Resolution #7: On the orders of Head Office I will encourage the belief in Intelligent Design, because it upsets everyone.
Resolution #8: Stop Googling myself.

New Year's Resolutions of Aziraphale

Resolution #1: Spread peace and love and glad tidings of great joy throughout the world. Also try to get out more.

Resolution #2: I will be charitable to people who use the term "core values," however difficult this may be.

Resolution #3: Notwithstanding Resolution #2 (above), I will redouble my efforts to have the utterance of the phrase "core values" classified as a deadly sin. I believe Himself is with me on this one.

Resolution #4: I will try to be nicer to the customers. They want to buy books; I want to sell them. It can't be that hard. (Memo to self: Regular opening hours? Mark prices on books?)

Resolution #5: I will try to be polite to Gabriel, no matter what the provocation.

Resolution #6: Find out exactly what an "Internet" is.

Resolution #7: Really must resume dancing lessons. Learn the "Galloping Major," the "Gay Gordons," the "Mashed Potatoes." Possibly even the "Twist"?

Resolution #8: Thwart Infernal Wiles (ongoing).

Resolution #9: I will try to understand why Heaven is a non-smoking area.

Resolution #10: On the orders of Head Office I will encourage the belief in Intelligent Design – despite the fact that the human airway crosses the digestive tract. Who thought that was intelligent?

Resolution #11: Feed the ducks.